(Almost) Going Back to College…

Just one week left for me to enjoy the lazy summer… then back to class.

Well, after getting most of my supplies, I’m 90% physically ready for my long awaited return to the college life. With that transition, I might not get enough free time to blog daily as seen during the summer… but I will try. Hopefully, I won’t vanish for months at a time :)

I’m guilty of doing this :(


2 Responses

  1. Oh noes! Poor bugs! I catch them with CD case holder and let them free outside :3

    Yup, next semester is coming and that means less time for posting. I’ll probably be posting only on weekends.

  2. Don’t worry buddy! We can still continue to exchange awesome manga opinions but at a slower pace. Its my 2nd week of school tomorrow and I’m still trying to kill off my first week readings. :(

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