Demotivators – An Excellent Start to My Day

It’s ironic how “demotivators” actually motivate me for the rest of the day…

How cruel… and untrue in several cases…

Yes indeed. A great mystery… especially when I’m nearing that phase.

A popular one that I link often in an Anime & Manga chatroom.

So instead of posting about Yume de Aetara Chapter 94 and Elfen Lied Chapter 103, I succumbed to endless Google searches for demotivators. Laziness consumes me.


6 Responses

  1. Do a search on motivators instead. Its much more rewarding. (:

  2. There is no such thing as lazyness! People are not lazy, they are just unmotivated.

    Yup, we need more motivational messages like: BELIEVE IT!

    Ask yourself what your xam’d searches.

  3. @Hynavian
    Motivators make me feel bad since they try to get me to do more work… when I don’t want to.

    Ask yourself what your xam’d searches. >> More Rei

  4. lol Well, I am not very surprised :P

  5. I’m an otaku. I have “sexual intercourse”. A japanese chic wants my baby (which she is not getting, but that’s beside the point).

    So clearly otaku’s aren’t, and will probably never ever be, extinct.*

    *Or maybe I’m the only one who’s smart enough to hide my figurines when I have a girl over. -In that case, we’re screwed (but not in THAT way, of course).

    “(…)especially when I’m nearing that phase,” ROFL! XD You can’t “near” the state of being Otaku, you ARE or you are NOT otaku. Sure, there are different levels of otakudom, but once you’re on the otaku-road it’s only going one way: towards Ultimate Creepy Super-Pervert Stalker-Otaku!!

    Okay, I might be overdoing things here a little bit, but no kidding: There is NO WAY BACK. ^^

  6. Going down a 1-way street!

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