Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Guide to WoW

Just for lulz…

Actually, by “WoW”, I meant “World of Women”…

Actual Chapter Material

This is almost guaranteed never to happen in real life…

Simon’s doing his natural thing (drilling) when he came across a particular sight… or rather, several of them.


x x x


Though insulted at first, Yoko eventually praised the boy for how dependable he is. After hearing such words, Simon decided to close up his peephole and return to his brother. However, the peaceful night was rudely interrupted by a Ganman attack.


With hostages at stake, Kamina did what any normal hot-blooded man would do… surrender for porn.


But he was ripped off.


Enraged by the deceitful act, he began a GAR statement…


x x x


This will never work in real life.

Maybe Kamina wasn’t ripped off…



There is no reasonable explanation for this. It’s best to just laugh and move on…


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