Final Fantasy VI Advance

After realizing that espers did more than provide summon attacks (extra stat gains and more spells), I restarted my game and severely over-leveled my characters…

The following image is the start of the final battle where the party faced some delusional clown named Kefka.

How long did this big bad guy last?

Since I had Locke equipped with dual Ultima Weapons with the Genji Glove and Master Scroll relics, he started with EIGHT consecutive attacks and dished around 5500 per hit, totaling around 44000 damage. Since Kefka had 62000 HP to begin with, he easily fell later when Terra cast Ultima five times, abusing the Quick spell and the Soul of Thamasa relic. Each spell hit for the MAXED amount (9999) so I overkilled the final boss by almost 20000 damage… in just my first two turns. The two other characters didn’t even get to do anything.

Very disappointing for a final boss… but then again, I overestimated the difficulty of the fight and prepared too much. Maybe I should attempt a low-level game. It would be more of a challenge…


3 Responses

  1. Ah, Kefka!! Dun-dun-duN!

    I completed this back on the old SNES. Brings back good memories of playing what is one of my favorite childhood games.

    And besides, the final boss is always weaker than the Weapons. The boss is just there for the story. The Weapons are there for the challenge.

  2. Well, part of the problem was… that I over-leveled my characters so even the Kaiser Dragon of the Dragon Den was easy. Granted, it did take around 5 full turns for me to kill it…

    However, the bonus Soul Shrine was a joke. The only hard part was the MP-based dragon, which just took longer since only the Rasp and Osmose spells damaged it. Other than that, unless status-inflicted, Locke with the previous setup dominated everything by himself…

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