Plans for Katsucon


Another convention that I’m making time for…

Time and Date: February 13-15, 2009
Location: Arlington, VA at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel
Registration Fee: currently $40 (was $35 at their Otakon booth)

Their featured events this year include…

The Quest for the Crystal Katsu
Their Description: “awesome super-sized scavenger/treasure hunt event”
My Reaction: Intense physical activity for some typical convention prizes? Pass… unless they include Rei figurines.

Valentine’s Day Formal Ball
Their Description: “… Katsucon Saturday will fall on Valentine’s Day. We hope you and your special someone will be able to join us…”
My Reaction: My lame dance skills and my single status with real women? Pass… but I’ll most certainly take pictures if possible.

Japanese-style Maid Café
Their Description: “biggest and most amazing new event” where “you’ll be waited on by our lovely and talented cast of Maids who will be dedicated to serving you, their Masters”
My Reaction: Spending Singles Awareness Day served by personal maids? Sounds like a good plan to me…



More updated information is available at their site. They’re also looking for more volunteer maids and butlers so if you’re interested, there’s an application form to fill out.

Additional Personal Thoughts
Is this my time to shine as Kogarashi? An epically GAR maid guy? Or will I just be a normal customer drawn by impossible dreams? Oh well, I have til February to decide…


4 Responses

  1. Oh, I never heard about that convention. I say you are getting addicted :P

    Indeed, you should be Kogarashi and use some of those special skills :P

  2. I don’t think the maids would appreciate the Maid Guy Vision power too much… nor would I like to have that activated upon seeing a fellow Maid Guy or butler…

  3. Over where I live, there’s only two anime cons I know about, and sadly I missed out on Supanova. I’m going to cosplay for Manifest too, so you better cosplay!

  4. I will… if I grow my hair long enough to do a Kogarashi one. Otherwise, would cosplaying as a “normal otaku college boy” count? :D

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