Otakon 2008 – Day 1

So many cosplayers… but too few Type-Moon/KEY cosplayers…

All of the following pictures were taken with permission from the cosplayer(s). If by any means you feel offended by the results of my horrible camera skills and wish for your picture to be removed, please leave a private message and I will remove it ASAP.

The following cosplayers may not be supermodels or the like… but they definitely have more guts and passion than I do since they cosplayed… and I didn’t.

If I fail at tagging the images, correct me please.

Pochi and Yoshitaka’s 3 maids from He is My Master

Friend from 20th/21st Century Boys

Mugen, Fuu, and Jin from Samurai Champloo

Haji from Blood+

Misaki Suzuhara and Mikaru from Angelic Layer

Syaoran Li from Card Captor Sakura

Zero from Code Geass (R2)

Euphie, C.C., Lelouch, and Kallen from Code Geass

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Miroku from Inuyasha

Family cosplaying the Eureka 7 cast

Rin Tosaka from Fate/Stay Night

Character from Prince of Tennis

Character from .Hack

Some Pokemon

More Pokemon?

Mario and Yoshi

Link from Zelda

Devil May Cry

Tidus and Auron from Final Fantasy X

Tifa, Yuffie, and Yuna from Final Fantasy VII + X

Master Chief from Halo



Images and the number of them are subject to change.

I… RAGE… against the number of gamer cosplayers, especially for Team Fortress 2. Also, the red/blue teams also had a rally where a 20-group mob would start charging down the hallway. Not so fun when I was holding the bags or trying to snap pictures of a cosplayer.

Overall, DAY 1 was pretty tame with the as-expected crowd of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers. D. Gray-man and Soul Eater also had a strong showing. So many Kanda-s and Lavi-s.

I was very disappointed though. I spotted only one KEY cosplayer, Ayu from Kanon but she disappeared in the ever-moving lines in the Dealer Room. Same with Type-Moon. Surprisingly, only one Rin Tosaka from Fate/Stay Night and I was hoping for a Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. Speaking of which, I purchased my first figurine, venturing deeper into otaku culture.

Bandai and FUNimation had a huge stands in the dealer room. Bandai had some event with people cosplaying characters from Code Geass and people were called up to do a musical chair sort of game. The winner got a date with Euphie… but Suzaku jumped in and prevented that. Sadly, no pictures since the two shots I got were a closeup of some guy’s head.

I wasn’t able to attend to many panels, getting lost a lot and winding up at some random screening. They showed a good number of movies dubbed, notably ADVision’s. The viewers boo-ed and moaned when the video manager set it to English.

Anyways, most of the day’s been spent walking around the Dealer Room or trying to build up courage to ask permission for pictures. My legs are sore. My throat’s dry. My head hurts. But… it definitely is an eye-opening experience.


9 Responses

  1. Fucjk yeah, for the Devil May Cry costumes. I really should go to a convention one day….

  2. Argh, my eyes! They burn! GAAAHHHH!

    But oh, the Master Chief cosplay is good. And the Pocky one was a laugh. But the res – AARRGGHH!!! I’m blinded for life!!

  3. Thank you for taking those beautiful pictures :D It is nice to see that even someone’s entire family came to cosplay.

    Even though you seemed tired, I am glad you did have some fun :) Congrats on your first figurine!

  4. Haji from Blood+ looks so cool!
    Thanks for sharing the photographs, they’re all taken beautifully . Ah the cosplayers beat Singapore’s Cosfest. LOL XD

  5. @omisyth
    Plenty of DMC cosplayers… plenty of them :)

    Meh, I know they may not mimic the appearance 100%… but they tried and had fun doing so. I should cosplay for Katsucon but I need to think of a suitable character.

    Yea, the Eureka 7 family seems to be the “best family” cosplay group to go around. And that first figurine is my “first waifu”.

    Yea, he was one of the best individual cosplayers. These images were the better of the lot. I have about 30 discarded due to bad lighting or my hand was too shaky… and the occasional bump from an inattentive passerby.

  6. I was actually the on who won the date with Euphie at the Bandai event. Actually, Suzaku tried to stop the date, but he ended up being part of an event, rather than stopping it. He was the next “Contestant” to find his date. :)

  7. Grats Akiba! I wonder who’s “SPIN-zaku”s date… I would die of laughter if it was a girl cosplaying as Lelouch…

  8. 1. I was Friend/Tomodachi that you took the photo of. XD

    2. I LOVED the TF2 Cosplayers… cause… I LOVE TF2. XD

  9. The creature thought to be a Pokemon.. the one right before mario riding yoshi is a character from the Labrynth.. a film done by Jim henson starring david bowie.. love that movie!

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