Naruto – Chapter 412

Suggestive much?

Super Condensed Summary

Sasuke was almost killed before the rest of his team worked together to counter the “Bumblebee”. By using Karin’s blood to heal his grievous wounds, the last Uchida was back to 100% combat capability. His team decided to continue their teamwork to bring down the carrier of the 8-tailed beast… who had his own plans to use “Number 8”. What is that? That’s saved for the next chapter.


Ugh. I wouldn’t have posted about this if that page wasn’t there. It seems as though Naruto is grabbing at any and all possible plot devices, including a heavily scarred Karin who gets aroused from bites. Win or fail? I think it’ll be the latter.


3 Responses

  1. Yay masochism! -_-

  2. Reading Naruto? I can’t “BELIEVE IT!”

    Give us Otakon!

  3. I still don’t understand. There should be a better way to appreciate it.

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