Code Breaker – Chapter 9

Maybe it runs in the family…

More on Oogami’s past and Sakura becomes more useful!

Brief Summary

Before Toki and Oogami could start fighting, Sakura intervened… and got the two to shake hands.

Oogami left, leaving Sakura alone with the other Code Breaker. Those two talked and she learned that he attends a super-elite school. However, despite that, Toki doesn’t seem to care and changed the topic to why he took this job. He said that each coworker has a goal to accomplish… which perked Sakura’s interest since she cares about Oogami.

x x x

x x x

Then Toki went about fondling Sakura just like his sister does… and surprisingly, she allowed it.

However, Oogami returns and forces Toki off.

Before their conversation could continue, they arrived at the front gates of Mr. Tabata (the target). Despite the imposing entrance, Toki easily bent the door to create an opening.

x x x

Inside, they found some vicious guard dogs but Oogami was able to tame them.

x x x

Toki teased Oogami by saying that he’s more restrained than before and said that he wouldn’t be able to find someone that way. It revealed a bit about Oogami’s personal motive as a Code Breaker.

x x x

Sakura intervened again, this time defending Oogami.

Interrupted by sounds within the complex, the two Code Breakers put aside their differences to focus on the mission.

Brief Summary

This chapter definitely fleshed up Sakura’s character while revealing more about the two Code Breakers. Before, the girl was just on the sidelines preaching her morals without actually doing anything. Now she actually stepped in between the two, risking her life to make peace. Hopefully, this isn’t a one-time only event since just having Code Breaker pwnage, despite how cool it was be for the first couple chapters, will get extremely boring in the long run.

As for Toki, he definitely shares more than just split eyes with his sister. Apparently, it’s in the genes to start adoring Sakura’s breasts. At least Oogami stopped him from going too far. A possible sign of romance? Who knows but it seems the next chapter will be full of bloodshed… I feel as though Toki’s power wouldn’t kill as cleanly as Oogami’s. It reminds me of Fugano from Kara no Kyoukai – Tsuukaku Zanryuu. Definitely bloody.


3 Responses

  1. I lol-ed when Sakura tried to ask her little white puppy to befriend the other dogs. Its a totally useless move that would not get them out of the fix. Ah Toki is the sibling of that girl who likes to grope Sakura’s b00bs? Does that mean that his sister is a code breaker too?

    Same here, I’ve doubts regarding Toki’s powers. Maybe he doesn’t use flame at all or he would have offered to light the cigar for Sakura. Why bother to ask her to ask Oogami when he could’ve lighted the cigar for her? (:

  2. I don’t think Toki’s sister would be a Code Breaker… since her goal would be easily attained. Pout and Hi-Mi is in reach.

    I really think Code Breakers have unique powers… since that would open up more possibilities for the manga to develop. But that’s just my idea…

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