Clannad (manga) – Chapter 9

My Heart = Mush

Adjusting to life in the Furukawa house…

Super Brief Summary

The day began with Nagisa waking up earlier than usual. Even though she was able to fool her dad, Sanae knew why and had no qualms about pointing it out.

There was the typical bashing of Sunohara when the Drama club met with the Choir club. They were planning for the play to be presented at the festival.

Okazaki escaped for a while by running away to Sunohara’s dorm. However, he got an unexpected lesson from his friend. Realizing how much Nagisa relies on him, he went back… and thanked Sunohara by promising not to spread more rumors.

Okazaki reunited with Nagisa at the park, letting his emotions out by confessing again… just how much he loves her.

x x x

However, the mushy moment was not kept secret as a certain mom and dad were nearby spying. When they had the family picnic, Akio made it clear that he was watching, greatly discomforting Tomoya.



Quite cute and romantic… but I fear that such days may come to a (brief) end.

I demand more Kotomi and Tomoyo!


4 Responses

  1. Fluffy bear :3

  2. Speaking of bears… I saw 1 or 2 Mr. Pedobear at Otakon today. Sadly, no Kotomi or Clannad cosplayers.

  3. Yup, those species are quite prevalent today…

    Too bad that Kotomi and Clannad fans are hiding.

  4. I only saw 1 Ayu (Kanon) too… a sad day for KEY.

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