Alive -The Final Evolution-

From a normal life to infection by a “suicide virus” and finally the fight of their lives…

Brief Summary

Life seemed normal. Nothing is really out of the ordinary though Hirose was being bullied.

Taisuke would be the one to save him… through some “unconventional means”.

x x x

x x x

x x x

And Megumi would beat him up since Taisuke used those “unconventional means”.

Then one day… something happened. Something struck him while he was in class.

x x x

Megumi noticed his odd behavior and notified the school nurse… who also happened to be Taisuke’s older sister and only living relative.

x x x

While walking back home, Taisuke witnessed the beginnings of a grand scheme.

x x x

x x x

x x x

A girl had just committed suicide right in front of him and he witnessed her last moments, her tantalizing smile before death. While listening to the news about mass suicides happening all over the world, Taisuke wondered if he was being weird… for feeling jealous of the dead stranger.

x x x

But before he could think about it too much… this happened.

Although Hirose was weak and constantly bullied, there could be no explanation for what happened at the rooftop. Still, Hirose was taken into custody for being the only person at the scene.

While coming back from the police station from visiting his friend, Taisuke bumped into a strange guy who spouted nonsense about a “suicide virus”.

After hailing Taisuke as a “comrade”, the weirdo soon casted him off as “garbage”, just like the rest of humanity. When confronted with an angry mob, the man only smiled in satisfaction as he activated his power… and killed all of them.

x x x

Following that incident, Hirose returned to school, released from police custody. However, he wasn’t the same… acting as though he was an entirely different person. The friendship between the three got strained… and then all of the sudden, he kidnapped Megumi. Leaving a cryptic message about “meeting his comrades”, Hirose left and Taisuke’s adventure to save both of his friends began.


While the series started out very strong with its unique plot, the recent developments make it feel more like Shaman King with the “comrades” using their superpowers to fight each other. However, it’s still very good since the chapters built everything up to a dramatic showdown… or at least, half of it.

Alive -The Final Evolution- explores what makes a human… human. What choices do people make that distinguishes them from common animals? Then, when does a human become… inhuman? Taisuke’s search for Megumi and his hopeless optimism that Hirose is still the friend he knew involves many challenges that test his resolve. As he meets more people similarly affected by the “suicide virus”, Taisuke slowly realizes that Hirose’s event is part of a bigger plan, one that might change the world forever…

Overall, this is one of the more interesting shounen titles that I stay updated with… despite the superpower theme that it adopts. However, there are plenty of interesting characters and the plot is sure to leave you grasping for more.


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  1. kanou kun, the beginning for the great adventures next,,,,

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