A New Logo?

With Plans to Haunt the Otaku-verse!

Thanks to Kitsune, I wasted 5 minutes of my life playing with this. It’s a very simple Flash image generator with a limited choice for icons and up to two lines of text. Based on the “I ♥ NY” logo, you can create your own and it’s not restricted to love (as evident by my creation).

It needs to be more flexible with text so I can make an “I ♥ Ayanami Rei” version.

Wuv! <3


4 Responses

  1. aww, now I want one too

  2. That is a fun log maker, isn’t it? Well, as for that blue haired goddess, you can make a version with I <3 Rei :)

  3. It must be Rei AYANAMI… not just Rei D:

  4. hehe Well, you can be subtle and paint the word Rei with light blue font :) This way it is concise yet mysterious. People would wonder what Rei is it, but they would quickly realize whom you are referring to due to color clue :)

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