Mel Kano – Chapter 1

Proof that all males have inner “Higurashi Rena MOE” modes…

Romance borne from the Internet… seriously!

Brief Summary

These two pages could sum up the entire chapter…

x x x

But to elaborate on this heartfelt modern-day Cinderella story, time to introduce the male protagonist, Shinjou Shouryuu (a.k.a. KAKERU in the dating site).

However, despite his cool real life standing, his online persona… is a tad different. Just take a look at one of his sessions.

x x x

x x x

Then, his picture-perfect world was shattered… by a request from his online girlfriend HAL. She wanted to meet him, in person, on the day of their six-month anniversary.

While he’s dreaming about the date, a sudden scream wrecked his happy thoughts.

The disturbance was due to a girl next-door by the name of Haruka. With her self-centered attitude, she earned the rage of two classmates. Frustrated, Shouryuu decided to confiscate Haruka’s phone, the object that started the whole incident.

x x x

However, there was big surprise waiting for him… as he soon discovered HAL’s real identity.

x x x

Even though he was disguised for their date, Haruka easily recognized him and welcomed him with a sock in the face.

x x x

Regretting their first encounter, the two decided to give their date another chance.

x x x

Shouryuu and Haruka still couldn’t stand each other so they decided to work around that… by limiting their chatter to only text-speak.

So, that’s how their date went… very awkward.

x x x

Then, the couple caught sight of some fellow classmen being bullied. Instead of the scared, shaky, girly reaction of HAL he was expecting, what he got was Haruka being pumped up for some action. All of his fantasies… were shattered at that moment.

x x x

x x x

So after some butt-kicking, the two were sprawled out on the grass, exhausted and dirty.

x x x

It was also at that moment when the two appreciated each other for their true character, not by online personas or superficial appearances. Haruka and Shouryuu truly do fit each other.


This story makes me -sigh- and go “Awww~”… but only in the inside. It’s very cute but what makes it rise above other romances… is how it focuses on the difference between fantasy and reality. As Shouryuu found out, HAL wasn’t the girly princess type he was expecting. As Haruka found out, KAKERU wasn’t the manly prince she was expecting. Yet, in spite of all that, they find themselves attracted to each other since after the fight, the two saw each other’s true persona… and their feelings remained true.

Overall, a very nice story to read about and it’s only one chapter! However, for those expecting a sequel, you’ll have to wait til chapter 4 to read more about Haruka and Shouryuu. Mel Kano seemes to cover other stories though whether or not it’ll all mesh together… that remains unknown at this moment.


6 Responses

  1. Oh modern cinderella story where online pals meet up and become close buddies! And one chapter only? A must catch!

    Previously I also read a one shot where a girl met up with her online pal but the guy ended up raping her. Whatever that title was, it pissed me off totally since it was found in a shoujo book. The first few one shots were so sweet and romantic while the last one shot was on rape. O_o Totally spoil my day.

  2. Errr… no rape in this series…

    But the couple is not a one-shot… The next 3 chapters follows another story, another couple getting paired up by the same online dating service. After that, these two reappear again. Whether or not there’s a bigger plot that will mesh all this together, I can’t tell for now.

  3. That was a nice story :)

  4. More to come later… after I prep for Otakon!

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  6. :-* that seems to be a great topic, i really love it :;:

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