Claymore – Chaper 82

Renee’s capture by Riful… and a chance for Clare to move forward in life…

Brief Summary

Starting with Miria’s group…

Galatea was talking with Father Vincent. The priest told her that the children of her church miss her and question about her whereabouts constantly. Right after accepting the invitation to return, they were interrupted by a streaking girl.

x x x

That girl was Miata who evidently hates taking a bath. Quickly followed by Clarice, the older of the two promptly apologized and ushered the young girl back to the tub.

x x x

Meanwhile, Miria was giving new orders to the group, particulary to Clare.

x x x

By allowing them to tie up loose ends, the group split off into three groups. Miria and Tabitha would stay in the holy city of Rabona. Deneve and Helen chose to return to their hometowns.

The final group would consist of Clare, Uma, and Cynthia. Though protesting at first, Miria reasoned that the two additional Claymores would help Clare maintain control.

x x x

As for Renee…

When she woke up, Renee found herself held up by chains… with her captor sitting before her.

x x x

It took some time for the Claymore to realize her wounds. Both her legs were gone and what’s left were filled with the bars Dauf makes.

Apologizing, the Abyssmal One of the West said that it was for precaution, ensuring that her prize wouldn’t escape.

x x x

Negotiating, Riful offered Renee freedom if she did one small favor. Dauf entered the scene and hoisted something shockingly recognizable…

x x x

x x x

It was the intertwined forms of Rafaela and Luciela.

While marveling at its beauty, Riful explained to Renee that Rafaela managed to kill yet protect her sister at the same time… by letting her life flow into the other’s body after Luciela died.

x x x

Dauf also demonstrated that outside forces did nothing by stabbing the twins. From those results, Riful concluded that she needed someone specialized in Yoki manipulation in order to reawaken Rafeala-Luciela. This was where Renee would come in.

x x x

When asked what would happen if the new being was stronger than her, Riful smiled and replied that she would kill it before it could fully awaken.


Wow. Lots of stuff in this chapter. There’s some fanservice and humor to Miata’s dislike of water. There were answers to what happened with Renee. Contrary to my belief, Riful didn’t want her as an ally like what happened with Jean and Clare (by forcing them to be awakened). And the reappearance of Rafaela and Luciela was definitely a surprise. I’m pretty sure that the new Abyssal one would be stronger than Riful, sufficiently enough that her little plan of “killing before it fully awakens” would fail. Why? Murphy’s Law applied to manga.

As for Clare, I’m not sure if she’ll meet up with Raki before Miria’s assault on the Organization. I see her bumping into Isley instead and learning from White Silver King that Priscilla is with her lover boy. We might see more of Uma and Cynthia in action since they’ve been minor characters so far. Though… who knows…? I might be entirely wrong and Clare could meet Raki… with loli-Priscilla. But that’s what my instinct’s been telling me.


5 Responses

  1. That is just too scary…

  2. Great chapter but I hoped that the mangaka would have left Luciela and Raphaela alone. It’s bad revivingshould be dead characters as the sisters deserve their peace. I went “nooooo” when Miria suggested that they break up and go in pairs. We know that when this happens, there’s bound to be casualties somehow.

    Does that mean that Miria and Tabitha will be hanging out with my goddess Galatea and gang in Rabona? (: Oh goody!

  3. Okay, now this makes things interesting. I’ve always say not to count Raphaela dead till we’ve seen the body, but this takes the cake. Man, if Luciela and Raphaela, two Abyssal level warriors, manage to merge and Awaken, they could overpower the Dark Twins. In fact, they would be the new force in the country. Another Priscilla level monster would be a nightmare.

  4. @Hynavian
    Might be a good way to remove the Umi and Cynthia since their roles were extremely minimized… though I truly doubt that. And yes, your goddess Galatea will be with Miria and playing with children. I also expect more cute Miata moments.

    Well, we know what happened the last time Riful tried to tame some Claymores… Now to play with something that has even more power? Death wish pending?

  5. Goddam this manga, so awesome and yet so very slowly produced…

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