Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan

From Class Representative to Class Delinquent…
From street fights to bathroom invasions…

Brief Summary

Shinagawa Daichi is a regular delinquent, someone who skips class and gets into trouble a lot. Adachi Hana is the class representative for the class they’re both in. You would think that these two won’t get along too well…

But they really do… to the point where Adachi tries to “save” him from certain trouble.

x x x

While she was gone, Daichi wondered if she liked him since no other person would be so concerned about him.

But… he has other things to worry about…

Making their way to another exit, the two sneaked quietly along, drawing rumors and gossip about their supposed relationship.

At the back exit, they found more people waiting for them.

Thinking quickly, Adachi put her plan to action…

x x x

Surprisingly, it worked. After treating Adachi to some ramen, the two remembered about the future survey sheets. Before they could fill them out, the ruffians showed up again. They roughened Adachi up and as consequence…

x x x


A funny series with plenty of humor and a hint of romance. Most of it focuses on Adachi and her attempts to “correct” Daichi’s behavior. Plenty of moments when the delinquent realizes that class rep isn’t “normal”. She’s not too bright and seems to lack common sense. However, because of that, Adachi will stop at nothing to get what she wants. But because of that, Daichi gets the impression that she likes him… though time and time again, it’ll prove otherwise.

Overall, it’s a good series that gets a little repetitive at times… but on the whole, great if you have spare time.


5 Responses

  1. A fellow manga enthusiast forced this series on me a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad he did – I could always use a new comedy.

    (This one’s currently backlogged, though. I liked the first couple of chapters well enough, but not enough to put the series on my “Actively Following” list.)

  2. I love this manga. The art is kinda nice and the comedy is alright. I also like the hint of romance they give here since it shows less obviousness and cheesiness.

  3. Oh I bought this series from my local bookshelf the other time (mandarin version) and had trouble trying to figure its english title. Now I know, its Yankee-Kun to Megane-Chan! Great series, a mix of action, humor, fan service and ridiculousness. ^______^

  4. Heyyy! It’s your crazy co-worker. Are you still going to Otakon? I’m gonna be there. ^_^

  5. I like that close-up shot of the girl in the next to last panel :)

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