The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 14

Wuv! <3

Their second meeting… and listening to the voice within her heart…

Brief Summary

Keima explains to Elsee about his battle plan to win Shiori’s heart.

By listening to her inner thoughts, Keima could overcome the shyness obstacle… though Elsee pointed out the one major flaw. Unlike the games he plays, there’s no monologue for him to simply read over.

x x x

Back in the library, Shiori was picking books out for transfer and disposal. While removing one particulary heavy volume, she fell backwards… into Keima.

x x x

While trying to thank him, she accidentally messed up the last syllable, influenced by the book in her hands.

Embarrassed, the librarian girl was about to escape when Keima started talking about the books. In particular, how if everything was scanned, they wouldn’t be necessary.

x x x

That drawn a strong reaction from Shiori, who called Keima stupid for thinking of such a thing. Even Elsee criticized him for doing something so blatantly wrong.

x x x

Back at the desk, Shiori reminisced about her childhood and how she was teased for her inability to talk “normally”. Although she knows that other people see her as a weirdo, the librarian reminded herself that she’s fine with only books as her companions. Meanwhile, outside, Keima has a victorious look on his face.

x x x


Everything’s set up… and all that remains is for Keima to open Shiori’s heart. I’m not particularly sure how that will happen… though it’ll probably be something more obvious once the next chapter’s released.

As for our demon-cleansing girl, she’s reading about fire trucks again.

The chapter fooled me a bit. When Keima caught Shiori’s fall, I thought he was going for the “kindness approach” again. Then again, if that were the case, it’ll be another spoof of Mio (2nd girl) so it’s a nice surprise.


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