Double Arts – Chapter 19

The first lesson… and how “Double Arts” came about…

Brief Summary

Hearing Kiri’s request to train them, Farren agreed to join the group…

But with certain conditions…

x x x

After the kids left, the fortune teller teased Farren for warming up to Kiri and Elle (and possibly Sui).

Outside town, Farren began his first lesson with a short lecture, focusing on what’s important in a fight.

x x x

x x x

Continuing on, he gave the duo their first task… and effectively killed Sui in the process.

So Kiri and Elle danced… while Sui laughed at the sidelines. Naturally, they had their doubts but nonetheless, both trusted Farren’s advice.

x x x

Of course, his compliments didn’t please the third member of their party. Faking a sneeze, Sui left a gooey present on Farren’s forehead.

Wiping off her spit, Farren started having doubts about Kiri’s “Flare” ability and the consequences of its existence.

x x x

Putting his thoughts aside, Farren called Kiri and Elle over, admitting that he’s going to invent a new fighting style just for the two… called “Double Arts”.

x x x


Sui returns and she’s crazy as usual! I laughed pretty hard when Farren gave them the dance command and with Sui’s reaction, it was just perfect. Her little fuss with the fake sneeze just tied everything up nicely.

Back to the more serious parts, the chapter explains how the title “Double Arts” came about and I have to say, it’s pretty appropriate. However, I guess that means more action and fighting in the future, less epic Sui moments. Plus, no sign of Andie Frau yet so the fate of Elle’s friend is still unknown.

But, definitely looking forward to the next chapter and seeing if Farren would put Elle and Kiri in more awkward situations :)


2 Responses

  1. I have a feeling they’ll meet Andie Frau, only Zezu will be standing over her body ;_;.

  2. My guess? Kidnap + Bait

    It would make a good setup for Kiri and Elle to test their Double Arts to save Andie…

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