Liar Game – Chapter 1

Another game where trust is key… and to win, you need to lie.

Brief Summary

The main character of this series is Kanzaki Nao, an extremely honest student.

One day, she gets a delivery from the LGT office. To her surprise, she’s been inducted into the “Liar Game” and got 100 million yen in an accompanying box. In addition, the letter said that she couldn’t withdraw from the game.

x x x

x x x

As the name suggests, the Liar Game involves using any means necessary, especially trickery, to win. The outcome could leave the player 100 million yen in profit… or 100 million in debt.

x x x

Talking with a lawyer, Nao was advised to keep the cash since if she were to turn it into the police, when it comes time to count the money, she wouldn’t have it in her possession so it’ll be her loss. As an offhand joke, he told her to go to a scam artist if she wants to win the game.

x x x

A bit later, she finds out who her opponent is and to her surprise, it was a former teacher. Trusting him with the situation, she willing gave up all 100 million she had so that he could keep it “safe”.

What he actually did… was taking advantage of her good nature…

As if to mock her, another card was left at her home.

Turning back to the lawyer, she hears about the famous con artist Akiyama Shinichi who was to released that day.

x x x

Resolved, she went to the jail to plea for help…

And so begins the two’s venture into the high stakes Liar Game…


A very good read and it’s a pity that the live-action drama eludes me. I haven’t been able to watch it despite all the good reviews I’ve been hearing about, which also happens to be the reason why I first picked up the series.

The only complaint that I have is about Nao’s eyes. They seem weird for some reason but it’s just a minor issue, probably different per reader’s opinion. What makes this very enjoyable is how mental Liar Game gets. It’s all about manipulating the other players to your advantage and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. When I read this, it’s like watching a chess match unfold before me and seeing attacks/counterattacks/traps take place right before me.

Very suspenseful and I have no problem about recommending this to any avid manga fan.


3 Responses

  1. Liar Game! My cousin was ranting about Liar Game Live Action just a few days ago, such coincidence. Haven’t read it though, maybe I might. 100 million for starters, oh dear, the female protagonist better not lose it all.

  2. Well… -insert spoiler here- :)

  3. I thoroughly enjoy reading Liar Game the Manga. After making it about 90 chapters in, I picked up on the Live Action. I was only slightly disappointed with the end of the first season (I’m ever the purist…) and was thrilled when I found out they decided to make a second season in continuation. They really did a great job of choosing actors for the main characters (with the exception of Fukunaga). Such an intense story plot! I also like that it’s a shounen yet the main character is a woman.

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