Hoshi no Koe – Chapter 3

It’ll be okay… right?

Brief Summary

Now stationed near Jupiter, Mikako writes a reply to Noboru’s text.

x x x

x x x

Then Hisa appears. She’s Mikako’s new friend and happened to be a student of Jyohoku High School (the one Noboru’s in) before deployment.

x x x

If neither of them had to go to space, they would’ve been in the same school. Thinking about it just made Mikako realize just what she missed. Seeing her friend get depressed, Hisa came up with the idea to change uniforms, giving Mikako the chance to dress up as a Jyohoku student.

x x x

x x x

Their swapped uniforms fit and the two agreed to keep the change for now.

x x x

Arriving at the classroom, they realized that they were late, having took too long with the uniform swap. Knowing they’ll be reprimanded later, Hisa admitted that she’s starting to lose focus of the mission, not understanding why everything is so serious. Mikako feels the same.

x x x

Deciding to skip the rest of the lecture, Hisa and Mikako went off to find something else to do. At the end, staring out into space, she wonders if everything would be alright.

x x x


I have to admit, I find Noboru’s side of the story much more tragic and emotional than Mikako’s. The transition of “I miss home” to “I miss Noboru” only happens after the fight near Pluto. Therefore, this chapter doesn’t really do much emotionally. A little bit of homesickness but nothing more.

Hisa is a new character that isn’t found in the anime. As of now, she provides support for Mikako, allowing her to borrow the Jyohoku uniform for the time being. Though not too important in the future, her role as Mikako’s friend definitely enhances the story.

This one is just a Mikako-only chapter. The next one is reversed, focusing solely on Noboru and it’s definitely one of my favorites.


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