Elfen Lied – Chapter 101

The curse of being a diclonius… in light of death…

Brief Summary

At the hospital, Yuka learns from Mayu that Kouta left, leaving a note beside his pillow.

x x x

Back at the tower, Kouta sees Kurama wounded and assumed that Lucy did it out of spite, right after she made the promise not to use her powers.

x x x

x x x

Looking her in the eyes, Kouta proclaimed his hate, wishing her away so that he would never see her face again..

Then, Lucy’s inner diclonius persona spoke, trying to provoke her into a rage to kill everyone. Recognizing that her enemy weren’t humans, Lucy mentally strangled part of herself in an attempt to defeat it once and for all.

x x x

But while that was going on, Kurama recovered his gun and shot again… only hitting Kouta as he threw himself over Lucy.

Holding him as he continued to bleed, Lucy cried as she asked “why?”. Why would he save her if he hated her that much? Kouta replied that he didn’t want to regret it again, just like how he made Kanae mad and she died. He also understood why she used her powers against Kurama, realizing that she was just protecting herself (even though she was willing to accept death). Just when he went silent (dead?), Lucy fell into a rage… the same one, just moments ago, she wanted to prevent.

x x x

x x x

In the distance, Yuka and Mayu got in sight of the tower… only to see an incredible sight. Lucy’s vectors were reaching high into the sky. An air of malice and sadness permeated the air. Then suddenly, the top of the tower exploded, shocking Yuka who screamed in the final moments of this chapter.

x x x


Wow… Though the thought came to me several times, I didn’t expect Kouta to be shot… again. This time, he might actually be dead since he got there right after being hospitalized for having a bullet in his chest. Then again, Lucy might pull off something to save him… if she wasn’t trying to destroy everything in her rage.

Mayu and Yuka arriving just to see the tower blow up was just cruel, considering how Yuka was crying on her way there. To see that, I have no idea how the series would play out for those two. But then again, this is Elfen Lied, one of the forerunner series that pushed the bar on how gory any series could get.


3 Responses

  1. That’s too much power for one person, seriously. Lucy is imba.

  2. This used to be one of my favorite series, until these past few chapters. Seriously I think it would’ve been better if Lucy went down with the Island (not that I have anything against Lucy, it just would’ve made for a better ending). The chapters also keep getting shorter and shorter near the end. And everyone around Lucy seems to be dieing except for the one I wouldn’t care if she was killed off ,Yuka…

  3. That bullet should have killed him… I don’t care… the three top characters on my “least favourite elfen lied characters” are: #1=kouta. #2=yuka. #3=nyu (the personality)… those are the three characters I just can’t stand… they are annoying as hell, and they are the weakest one of them… when they fight someone strong, the good strong and cool characters come and fight them instead, and they die, while those three get away with their life…

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