I wouldn’t be surprised if this was where Blissmo‘s love for bunnies started…

Brief Summary

The series is about a group of people who play the game of “Doubt”, which is explained below.

x x x

x x x

Back in the real world, Yuu bumps into Mitsuki while waiting for the others.

After talking for a bit, Eiji and Haruka arrived. There was a brief misunderstanding between Mitsuki and them, solved once Eiji explained the game they were playing.

x x x

Despite Eiji’s bad boy attitude, Mitsuki quickly corrected his ways, showing her “responsible class rep” side.

Of course, Haruka had to make things worse for Yuu…

x x x

A bit later, the last of the group arrived, the adorable Rei.

x x x

The group plus Mitsuki went to karaoke. There, Rei revealed her secret to Yuu. However, Eiji overheard and made a rude accusation, causing her to cry.

x x x

However, Yuu patched everything up and everyone was happy.

x x x

Yet… little did Yuu or any of them know about the gruesome game ahead of them.

x x x

And so their game of Doubt had started… with their lives on the line.

x x x

x x x

Hazama Rei becomes the first victim…


A few days ago, Hynavian made a post about manga that had impressionable first chapters. While my brain wasn’t functioning back then, the new release of Doubt brought my attention back to it. The complete 180 from “Let’s be friends” to “You’re… dead?” in a few pages would definitely guarentee a spot in the top 10 (if not the top 5).

It’s full of twists and turns as each person suspects each other for being the “wolf”. While it’s possible to have multiple wolves playing, I doubt the manga will be that complex. Anyways, as they die off one by one, desperation takes the better of them and Yuu faces tough decisions with outcomes that may save them all… or doom the few survivors left.

Very suspenseful and a horrifically good manga to read…

I think Mitsuki is the wolf… she gives me the feeling of crazy Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


5 Responses

  1. Bunnies… Must… resist…

  2. Hey hey! This is looking good! Kinds of reminds me of Mirai Nikki, what with all the trust and betrayal themes. Lots of blood and gore makes it good too, haha.

    And of course, can’t forget the killer bunnies.

  3. Oh this must be blissmo’s favorite! She has something for gore and bunnies. XD

    PS: Is it too gory? Doubt vs Elfen Lied, which is more gory? (:

  4. @Hynvian
    Elfen Lied by far.

    I see from your recent posts you have discovered the wealth of awesomeness at SnoopyCool ^_^. Be sure to check out Change123 if you have’nt already.

  5. @Kitsune
    Could always go with the “wolf bunny”… but it might eat you.

    You’re definitely right. Really focuses on the trust issue just like Mirai Nikki (good job if you’re the same Stifler as the proof-reader on the translation team)

    Not as much gore or blood than what you would expect… from people dying and parts of the body being chopped off.

    I’m updated with Change 123 but thanks for the suggestion. Hynavian’s already doing a good job of teaching us about HiFuMi :)

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