Franken Fran

Think she’s a normal?

Think again…


There is nudity in this post.

Fran is the daughter of the renowned Dr. Madaraki, a famous scientist rumored to be able to bring back the dead. Though her father has yet to make an actual appearance, there’s plenty of Fran time… which is good… in a twisted way.

There’s plenty of appeal with this series. There’s bishounens, fanservice, and lots of romance. Of course, drama is a given. There’s even a bit of espionage going on.

The bishounen…

Anyways, excerpts from chapter 4 are provided to illustrate what the series is all about.

Starting with Fran going back to school and doing free surgeries for girls unhappy with their looks…


x x x


Eventually, she transforms most of the female population into beautiful supermodels.


The guys, taking notice, also came to Fran for their problems…


In the end… we have this…


x x x


But that’s not what makes Franken Fran special… This is…


x x x


The problem of two lovers… thwarted by their past…


And then there’s Fran “helping” out…

x x x


Which ended in a happily ever after!


All thanks to Fran!


This is one of those series where there’s really no sustainable plot… but it’s interesting enough to have readers stay faithful. Fran is the very definition of extreme, where whatever she does is good… but whether or not it’s for the greater good? That is debatable. Her associates are also weird in the same way. But despite their inhuman looks, I feel as though they’re more human than Fran could ever be.

Overall, if you want a series with a dark sadistic twist but plenty of humor, Franken Fran is the one for you.

Photobucket deemed the body swap image to be too inappropriate and a breach of ToS. Hence, for a while, there was an error message being displayed. To remedy the problem, I submitted a censored version. However, if it gets taken down again, I’ll leave the error message as proof to how twisted the series is.


4 Responses

  1. Yup, I recall that body swap part. It is an interesting concept.

  2. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This manga has lots of creepy looking freaks in it! The protagonist reminds me of the female version of Frankenstein.

  3. I love this manga. it’s so delightfully twisted and I never see the endings coming.

  4. @Kitsune

    She is the female Frankenstein… with a few quirks.

    Just like how her new sister is? Though Fran is about to teach her a new lesson about “appreciating life”…

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