Celebrating 21 Years of my Existence!

Thank you Omni!

I haven’t abused my right to liquor yet… though I’m tempted to.

As hinted by my previous post, I’m now 21 and that happens to be the legal age to acquire alcohol in my country of residence (USA). Though I was able to avoid a lesson about hangovers… the hard way, I was dragged around town so I wasn’t able to post anything. But that wasn’t really a problem since the only newsworthy releases are…

Liar Game: Chapter 27
Team Medical Dragon: Chapter 40
Alive – The Final Evolution: Chapter 26 – 27

However, they’re in the planning stages so sooner or later, I’ll blog about them… and Franken Fran too. I didn’t forget about that one.

But while I continue the festivities on my end, here’s some more Touhou AND Caramelldansen.

Epic combination?


6 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday FFVIIKnight! ^_____^

    Let’s dance my friend! Hand up high and on your head and let’s sing ~Uwa Uwa Uwa Oh~

  2. My dance skills, as horrible as they are, will do for this bunny-eared swaying… >_<

  3. I’m also 21 but have yet to consume more than a mouthful of alcohol ):

  4. Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

    I wish you good health and inspiration for prolific posting :)

    haha That song is addicting in itself, but the footage makes it even more so :P

  5. It’s a bit late, but Happy Birthday! :)

  6. Oh yeah, legal age for the UK is 18 so for me its only a couple of months. Unless Boris Johnson tries to rack up the age limit. But enough about legalities, happy birthday!

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