Dattebayo Fansubs Drops Naruto Shippuden


While the news is a week old, I just heard about it today…


You can find more of it here.

Not to surprising if you’re keeping track of the issue with their two previous posts. The first deals with removing the material and the second highlights their growing frustration as people continued to ignore their policy.

The whole debacle first started with the rising popularity of video streaming sites and how easy it was to upload material. Thus, it’s not too surprising to find entire seasons hosted on (for example) Youtube before such sites got complaints and removed them. Yet, uploaders of anime still persevere and they implement various techniques to avoid the “ban hammer”, some of them work but most don’t.

In this case, Dattebayo Fansubs made their policy clear that their releases must not be uploaded on Veoh, Youtube, etc. Not only will the video quality be diminished by the giant streaming pixel, it draws a lot of attention to the fansubbing industry, which for the most part remained in the gray area of the law… until now.

Since fansubs are technically illegal, it’s obvious that the official license holders would be concerned as potential profits disappear. Some people might go so far as to say that fansubs are killing the anime industry as much as they’re helping it. But regardless, if distribution companies feel threatened enough, they will take action (ODEX being an extreme case).

At some point, they will stop trying to go after the sites themselves and simply cut off the problem at the source (i.e., us)

Well said from the Dattebayo Fansub team.

Though I personally don’t watch Naruto, there’s plenty of other fansub groups working on well-known titles (i.e., Code Geass). If the future license holders decide to safeguard their investment, we might see more of such actions in the future. Whether or not this spells the end of the fansub community, only time can tell.

But one thing’s for certain… The only group to do up-to-date English releases of Naruto Shippuden have now ceased operations on that project… which means…

Be prepared for Naruto nerd rage!


12 Responses

  1. Yeah, they released the episode anyway, so I’m not sure what’s going on anymore.

  2. Congratulations! You have been trolled.

  3. Dattebayo will be dropping Naruto Shippuuden permanently on 1/15/2009,

  4. or will they ?


  5. Jokes aside, I hope they don’t seriously drop it…

    Let’s face it, although Naruto became a joke as time went by, it’s still something that’s worth it. Believe it.

    Anybody know a group that’s gonna pick up where they left, in english?

  6. i don’t think this is a troll. viz media is subbing naruto on their site.


  7. It really sucks.. The Quality on the Viz site really sucks and the new episodes are not released until a WEEK after they first air…. It sucks major balls.

  8. At least it’s being released legally (NA-wise). Though quality is an issue (haven’t personally looked at it), it’s probably no better than the thousands of people who watch it streamed. It’s probably a rush release and I do hope that the DVD version would be HQ.

  9. It’s true dattebayo is dropping Naruto because i’m one of them been trolled by episode 92 but awed to find out it was a childish anime, please do not download this episode 92.

  10. Maybe I’ve just lost my mind or something, but it’s January 22nd (a full week after the “last episode” by dattebayo?) and there’s totally a new Naruto Shippuuden torrent file on their site.

    I have no effing clue what’s going on anymore.

  11. I don’t understand what has happened. Enlighten me.

  12. Thanks, for fansubbing the Naruto series DatteBayo. It was kind for you to fansub the series for us.

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