Huh? It’s been 6 months?

Good times…

Yup, this little blog is now half a year old…

About Kokuun

Ah yes, I really need to revise this page since most of the stuff is now irrelevant… but that can wait til later as I’ll now recite the very interesting tale of how Kokuun all started out.

The End

And voila! Kokuun was born. My source of inspiration also became an author though I had to make a suitable bribe… Something like the following…

I think this was for Saimoe 2007?

And his response?

Despite making only one post, he and the other members of the private forum continue to give me support.

Indeed, as I celebrate the six months in which I dedicated hours of my life to serve as a newbie blogger, I can reflect on the very simple reason why I started… some random post… in a private friends-only forum.

As for the stats and how popular it got? I think I was fairly successful…

Guess when I was in college and failed to update?

Though nothing in comparison to other blogs, I’m glad that there are dedicated readers who frequent my site, making feedback from me easier and to some degree, the site more personal.

A great many thanks to y’all!
Kokuun wouldn’t be possible without you!


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for all your fun and informative posts :) That stats graph looks really nice – just imagine how great it will look like in a year!

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to congratulating Kokuun on it’s one year anniversary. (:

  3. You have no idea how bad you just made me feel.

  4. Ometato! Keeping a blog certainly isn’t easy, but yours is certainly going on strong. 6 more months before it reaches it first year!

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