Happy World – Chapter 30

This will be the first and only innocent image you’ll see in this post…

Brief Summary

The chapter starts out rather risque… with Takeshi haven’t a rather warm dream.

x x x

With several beautiful girls living with him, all vying for his attention, things can get hectic.

x x x

x x x

x x x

Even dinner became a tiresome contest…

However, when confronted with a question about who he prefers, his cousin Motoko came to the rescue…

Or… maybe not….

After her demonstration, Elle was the first to try out… with a kind, charming, angelic smile…

Too bad it didn’t work. Next up is the childhood friend, Hikaru. She chose the bloomers approach…

x x x

Mixed results from that tactic. Finally, we have Sanae…

Pretty tame… until…

x x x

Winning the contest, Sanae revealed her secret.

But alas, her victory only made the situation worse as Motoko and Hikaru went at it again…

x x x


Definitely one of the most ecchi chapters in the series. The next one isn’t much better, with Takeshi turning into a sauve pimp overnight. Then again, quite humorous and the fanservice was a bit unexpected, especially for Sanae. I didn’t know that she would actively participate in such events. I thought she would stage another dress where it would magically malfunction and fall apart, just like Elle’s first one.


3 Responses

  1. I wonder whether it’s heaven or hell for the male protagonists, being able to live with 3 babes that love to tempt him. >.< Reminds me a little of Shuffle but the girls there are not that daring as compared to those here.

  2. She was a cheater! :P

  3. Well, Kaede sorta went Yandere on Rin… Would that count? :p

    And if I’m not mistaken, Shuffle! Memories was more daring than the first season.

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