Watashitachi no Tamura-kun – Chapter 8


Ok, maybe I’m starting to like Hiroka Soma… but only a little bit!


As you might recall, Soma was the “Ice Queen” of Tamura’s class. Their relationship had a rocky beginning, starting with a box of chocolates in the face to getting a sprained ankle after being used as a footstool.

x x x

After getting an unexpected ride to school, there was another surprise waiting for him. During lunch, she offered a homemade bento just for him… but being suspicious of her motives, he ran away (with her offer).

x x x

The guys he ate with gossiped about his relationship with Soma. Tamura denied that there was anything between them but was visibily shaken up when one of them said that she liked him.

x x x

After school, he met with her and was given an one-sided proposition.

x x x

Obviously against getting dragged along what seems like a date, he confronted her and would have won the argument… if she didn’t use her ultimate technique…

Faced with a barrier of MOE that he cannot overcome, he conceded his defeat and agreed to go around town with her. While waiting for Soma to get her stuff, he overheard some gossip about her, hinting at signs of bullying.

So… how did their date go? First off, the bookstore…

And then the arcade…

Finally, after having enough of her attitude, they arrived at the karaoke place…

Soma admitted that she didn’t know what else to do, thinking that doing all this was normal. Also, there were hints of a confession.

Offering to reveal her true reason to be with him, she took him to her apartment…

x x x

And the chapter ends with an evil cliffhanger.


Even though I’m a Komaki Matsuzawa shipper, I can’t deny feeling a bit sympathetic for Soma. Her cold personality isolated her from fellow classmates and the accident definitely earned Tamura’s ire… But even though she resembles Yuzuki from Kimi no Iru Machi, I feel as though there’s more to her than what meets the eye. Because of that, I can’t really hate her… yet.

Overall, I was pretty surprised by the sudden change in Soma’s attitude, from disdain to love. Pretty sudden and I hope there’s a good explanation why it was so. The beginning of the series had Tamura revealing her “secret” but I didn’t think it was that profound. Guilt from spraining his ankle normally would not inspire romance. The gossip in this chapter might be important later as it’s usually the smallest details that have the most importance. Then again, I might be reading too deep into this. Either way, I guess the next chapter would clear things up.


2 Responses

  1. Aww… Such a sad expression :(

    hahaha Tamura-kun, don’t look at that!!!

    “only a little bit!”

    LIES! :P

  2. No! Never! Matsuzawa ALL THE WAY!!!

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