My Girl (Seinen) – Chapter 6

What does it mean… to be a true father?

Brief Summary

The chapter starts out with Kazama Masamune sitting through an “Introduction to Parenting” lecture… though, it would be more appropriate to say that he was sleeping. His snoring gave him away and he endured a firm scolding from the instructor… but not before he starts thinking too much about Koharu’s future.

x x x

x x x

Kazama’s embarrassing moment did not go unnoticed. A boy in the adjacent daycare was spying from a window. After seeing all that, he pompously called Koharu’s dad “lame” and continued to insult her mother. Bad mistake.

x x x

He was beaten up…


Back home, Kazama tried getting Koharu to apologize. Then, he gets his first lesson of parenthood… how unfair it is to lecture kids.

x x x

Oh my GAWD! You made her cry! T_T

The next day, they returned to the daycare. After talking with the caretaker, they realized that Shuu (the boy that Koharu fought with) acted up for other reasons.

x x x

When it was time to go, both Koharu and Shuu’s father were late in picking them up. However, Shuu eventually gets a phone call.

x x x

Seeing his sad expression as he left, Koharu ran after him and found Shuu crying. Though denying it, it was obvious that he was lonely.

x x x

And when Kazama finally showed up, he was treated to nice scene.



A very touching chapter. Stuff like this melts my heart into goop. Koharu little bedtime scene with her being mad at Kazama was cute. Even cuter was the ending when Shuu and her made up. I can already see their future together… from being friends… to more… and then the wedding bells chiming…

Ok, back on track. Kazama’s attendance of class was also a nice change from the norm. Usually, series like this would have him suddenly discovering his parenting skills after a chapter or two of comedic blunders. Nice to see a more realistic trend.

Overall, very good chapter and I can’t wait to see what else develops between Koharu and Shuu… and of course, Kazama turning into real father :)


2 Responses

  1. Indeed, a touching chapter.

    I like character design of this manga :)

  2. Yeah, at first glance, great character design. From this series, we learn that parenting is not easy. Let’s all give our parents a big hug! ~<3

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