Code Geass Merchandise – USB Lancelot Key

For about $90, you can own this 2 GB memory stick and feel like Suzaku as you plug this into your Lancelot laptop!

First tipped off from Omni‘s Daily Dose, I went to the official site for more details… though my extremely limited knowledge of Japanese just had me oogling the pictures.

x x x

x x x

Part of this one seems to market the Code Geass laptop…

Though shiny, I doubt there’s anything special about it besides the design. Unless I can pilot my own super hax mecha with it, I wouldn’t even think about paying 3-4x the price of a regular USB stick just for looks.

Then again, if we’re talking about the key for the Guren Mk-II that was “situated” just like it was in episode 1… it would be worth a lot more.

Sorry for the poor quality…

Been watching this several dozen times… old but catchy!


12 Responses

  1. haha Well, they do know how to make money :P

  2. All hail Britannia! All hail Britannia! All hail Britannia!

    “The world is full of lies”

    LOL XD How true!

  3. DO WANT!!!!

    Pity about the price, through.

  4. How much for Guren’s key? o.o *digs wallet*

  5. @Kitsune,
    Indeed… an extra $60 just for glitz?

    I’m just waiting for someone to cosplay Charles vi Britannia… Maybe I’ll find one at the upcoming Otakon.

    Same here but I wish it was more reasonably priced.

    More than what you can pay. It’s one of those items where if you ask the price, you won’t be able to afford it.

  6. I want the Guren’s USB!!! Lancelot do not want!!

  7. so expensive

  8. Guren’s kay!!! (that’s susaku use…)
    I need it!! Someone know were has to buy?

    (sorry my english, i’m Brasilian)

  9. i want it too!!! :))

  10. I hope there’s one in the Philippines

  11. Everyone who’s asking for the Guren’s, I can make that. Currently I am only able to ship in the US, but I am working on that.

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