Clannad (manga) – Chapter 8

And then finally… the place they will reach…

Brief Summary

The troubles of setting up a performance for the Founder’s Festival… which is in ten days.

x x x

That problem isn’t Kyou… but the Fujibayashi twins did give up on Tomoya.

x x x

x x x

x x x

Oh Kyou… why would you lie?

And how could I forget?! The one moment when Nagisa tamed Tomoya…

x x x

x x x

If you seen the anime, the parent conference did not go so well and Tomoya ends up running away… even though his father knew what he was doing when he packed up and left. Still, it was Nagisa who saved him.

x x x


Though not as emotional as the previous chapters, it still left a nice warm feeling after reading it.

I am quite surprised by the Fujibayashi twins and how they gave up that easily. Hopefully, there would be another scene (maybe like a tennis game?) where the two would really give up. Kyou’s lines didn’t seem too sincere… even though Nagisa and Tomoya are officially going out. Well, they don’t know that yet but sooner or later, the news will leak out.


4 Responses

  1. Ah, the Founder’s Festival. That would mean that the end of the School LIfe arc is near. Wonder if they will be doing After Story?

    Anyway, enjoyed this chapter as well. KEY’s work has never let me down.

  2. @Stifler,
    I think so. I have no experience with the games so you might know more. Either way, the manga so far should be nearing the anime’s end, with Nagisa’s solo performance being the climax of the series.

  3. That wasn’t the climax. Far from it. The true story only starts in After Story. Or, if you are a Tomoyo fanboy, in Tomoyo After ~Its a wonderful life~.

    Speaking of which, if you liked CLANNAD, you should try reading Tomoyo After – Dear Shining Memories -. I think you would like it as well.

  4. I did read Tomoyo After -Dear Shining Memories- and blogged about it a long time ago. Sadly, the post isn’t up to the standards of my current works and lost during the times when I was in college. I loved how Tomoyo tried to be girly with the Tomoya doll :)

    As for the climax part, isn’t the performance the “happy” climax while the more emotional (and sad) one is in After Story? Either way, I can’t wait for the new season to start and remembering how the movie went, I have high expectations.

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