Lucu Lucu

Don’t be fooled. She’s a demon princess from Hell.

Brief Summary

Suzuki Rokumon started the day with a small surprise… the smell of miso soup when it was his turn to cook. However, upon entering the kitchen, he found a cute girl preparing breakfast for him. Not knowing who she was, Rokumon searched for his dad, looking for an explanation. Instead, he found a scarecrow-like creature.

x x x

His dad was given divine punishment for committing the seven deadly sins. The two demons whom he met would now take his place in raising Rokumon. But, have no fear… despite the gruesome blood in the neighboring room, his dad was transformed into a cat.

x x x

Of course, where there’s demons… there’s angels.

x x x

But “why” you might ask. Why would the demons stay in the real world instead of Hell? Well, the answer is simple. Hell is full. Therefore, the only solution to ease the housing crisis and stop demons from overflowing into this world… is to prevent people from going to Hell… which leads to this…

x x x

Disregarding the religious stuff, the series is full of laughter as Rokumon adjusts to his new life.

Making onigiri…

Giving a tour of the city…


Plenty of laughs from this manga and I anticipate many more to come. With such a zany plot, it’s obvious that the series would be episodic in nature. However, the comedy more than makes up for the lack of an complex storyline.

As for the characters… Even though Lucu is a bit weird, it’s obvious that she shares some history with Rokumon but I don’t think it’s been revealed yet. And, as you might expect from a manga with a male protagonist and a prominent female character, there may be some romance in the works…

But, nothing official yet.

Anyways, if you’re looking for an enjoyable and lighthearted manga that’s well worth your time, Lucu Lucu will fit your needs.


4 Responses

  1. Demons are doing public service! haha

    That manga is so funny!

  2. Angels become cross dressers too!

  3. Omg I lol-ed at demons doing community service. What exactly is the world coming to? Hell keeping demons out and demons trying to contribute to society? ^_______________^ I’m going to catch this.

  4. masa ih game nya luthuu

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