Full Contact

When rejected by a girl who likes strong men, what would you to do?

Brief Summary

Otawa Ryuuichi was a boy of such ill fate, confessing to a girl… only to be rejected since he didn’t look strong. Moping around, he ended up watching karate shows on TV and made a passing remark about studying martial arts. Letting the idea slip to his mom would forever change his life.

Though Ryuuichi tried to clear up the situation, Iwao didn’t give him a chance. Neither did his mother… but she had different reasons for that.

x x x

And so… his new life as a karate student began.

x x x

At the school, he meets new people… like Iwao’s grandson Katsushika.

x x x

And one fellow trainee… Fukujima Kenji.

x x x

But the most interesting characters would probably be Kana…

Most likely to be paired up with Ryuuichi…

And Kiryu Yumi… who’s also Iwao’s precious granddaughter.

x x x

Bad situation?

Doesn’t seem like it…

Ok, maybe really bad…


With just two chapters and fighting against my general dislike for sports-themed manga, this one beat the odds. Maybe it’s because Kana starts out tsundere on Ryuuichi, bashing him for his impure reason to study karate. Or it could be the fluid transitions from a serious moment to a funny one. Either way, it all compiles to a very enjoyable manga… probably replacing H2 for my need of romance with sports.


3 Responses

  1. “When rejected by a girl who likes strong men, what would you to do?” It reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist situation lol

    It is the inner strength that counts the most ;)

    *Shakuhachi music*

    A veteran soldier visited a sword master.
    He wanted to learn the art of the sword.
    While he fought many battles in war, he never learned it properly.
    The master looked at him and asked,
    “What skill do you possess?”
    “I really don’t have any skill,” answered the soldier.
    “No, I clearly see that you are a master of some skill,” pressed the swordsman.
    “Well, I meditated for a long time on the meaning of life and death. I do not fear death anymore,”said the soldier.
    “I have nothing else to teach you,” replied the swordsman.

  2. Sooo… you’re saying that once you don’t fear death, you could embark on a relationship with a girl? :p

  3. It implied some other things as well, but yes, once you don’t fear death, your relationship will be much more successful :)

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