Yume de Aetara – Chapter 92

Despite the happy ending in the previous chapter, one lone panty thief will make things complicated…

Brief Summary

With everything back to normal, Nagisa is content with her relationship with Masuo. After getting back his job and moving back home, the two lovers (though taking it slow) aren’t separated anymore.

However, the sappy mood was shattered when Nagisa opened the curtains…

As for Masuo, he was given a warning by Isobe before going on his date. She told him to watch out for Nagisa’s rediscovered hatred of men. If only he knew how bad it was…

x x x

Masuo’s attempts failed miserably…

Dinner was even worse…

x x x

Then, on the train, she was targeted by molesters. After realizing what was going on, Masuo rushed to her rescue, stealing her away from the other perverted passengers.

x x x

After getting off, Nagisa apologized for acting the way she did, recognizing that Masuo was just trying to make her feel better.

It would have ended well… if it wasn’t for the H-video (that a helpful coworker gave) showing up.


After the roller coaster that the previous chapters were, it’s nice seeing a change of pace. Although it seemed as if Nagisa and Masuo’s relationship was set in stone, the intrusion of the panty thief definitely messed things up. Still, I doubt her anger will last for too long, maybe two chapters at the most. Even though the series is still ongoing, I can’t see any way for the author to keep the story going and remain interesting after how emotional the previous arc was.


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  1. Some crazy cooking lol I like the art of this manga :)

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