Brief Summary

Kinosaki Yuichiro seems to be a normal guy, flying back to Japan after homestaying in Canada for half a year. During the flight, he shared some pictures with a fellow passenger, briefly introducing his three dogs.

However, when he got home… there was a little surprise…

Ok… make that a big surprise…

As you might have guessed, all three dogs have now been transformed (courtesy of Yuichiro’s dad) into human beings… and they’re all youthful females.

x x x

Hence, Yuichiro’s life got a lot more complicated as he begins to train them to live normal human lives.

Teaching them not to eat dog food…

Having to change their morning runs…

Dealing with heat…


Adorable and there’s plenty of MOE moments to fawn over. Fanservice is there… but not everywhere. The focus is definitely on the awkward situations caused by the dog-turned-human factor. Although it’s mostly comedy with a slight ecchi streak to it, there are parts where it got serious like with Rino’s past.

Overall, if you got time to spare and want something simple to read with some eye candy, Inumimi is the one for you.

Which of the three dogs is your favorite? I’m torn between Elga and Rino…


5 Responses

  1. Marking territory…

    Hmm… Probably, the first girl he saw when he came back to home is my favorite.

  2. That would be Elga. Rino’s the watchdog one adopted by his father rather than Yuichiro himself. Though harsh against the boy for fumbling their care, she eventually warms up to him.

  3. I just read to the latest chapter *super manga reader reporting*

    My favorite would be Elga, she’s so cute and friendly. The heat chapters were hilariously funny.

    I think Rino is strict but she has the cool attitude. Her reaction towards the guy (who wanted to hit on her) at the swimming pool is so awesome; just like some cool ice queen. Luna is the usual typical sweet pie character; a cute sister to have.

  4. Luna is the only option.

    I just finished reading this about a week ago and felt 3 volumes was a wee bit too short. And just like Hynavian, I especially liked the chapter when Elga was in heat, and honestly hoped for something, hehe.

  5. And Shin goes after the youngest one! How come that doesn’t surprise me?

    Heat… “something else”… :)

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