Biomeat – Nectar

That summarizes most of the plot… but leaving out the incredibly gruesome bits.

Brief Summary

In a world not too dissimilar to ours, Japan suffers from two major calamities. One of them is the lack of space. Due the island’s geography, there’s little room to store trash as landfills are reaching maximum capacity. The second problem is food and the lack of it. However, bio-engineers suddenly made a breakthrough that changed everything.

x x x

B-M (Biomeat) creature

B-M Food

By creating an animal that consumes disposable waste and serves as a food source, both problems are solved. However, despite the utopian world that the Biomeat or B-M’s made, there lies a hidden threat.

Engineered to consume more and reproduce quickly, B-Ms optimize food production and saves space. However, what if such creatures have no qualms about feasting on human flesh?

As the outbreak unfolded, a small group of children watched as their entire city was overrun and literally devoured by the creatures they’re supposed to call food.

Fighting for their survival, they find out that the world is imperfect and what’s “right” may not be so evident.

x x x

x x x


Make no mistake about it. This is very gory and many characters will die off right after they’re introduced. If you think all the good guys live, you’ll be wrong. So, for those faint of heart or unwilling to delve into the horrors of science, stay away. However, if you are unfazed by blood and desiring of a good series that might give nightmares, Biomeat – Nectar is the one for you.

But I shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the gore. The plot is very good and if I imagine the scenario playing out in the real world, what happens in the manga may not seem too far fetched. The artwork is good, not spectacular but the topic requires little to start with. Definitely a good manga to read and one of my top favorites.

You eat it. It eats you.

You may turn vegetarian after reading this.


8 Responses

  1. I already am, so not going to read it :P

  2. The BM… it haunts me.

  3. It seems like almost no one reads this manga.
    I almost turned vegetarian the morning after reading 60 chapters. Almost.

  4. Meh, too graphic for some and the character designs aren’t exactly the most appealing. However, it is cruel with life and that’s what keeps me faithful in reading this.

  5. Just finished reading it. It’s great, but not for the faint hearted though.

  6. blood….human flesh…man eating creatures…
    yeah it sounds god for me
    PS: i have 12
    If You Like Naruto see my youtube chanel

  7. I’ve read 3/4ths of it on OneManga so far.

    The some of the early art in this series is pretty bad,but it improves. The plot is what really holds the interest anyways.

    Pretty good! Most horror manga I read is somewhat cheesy. This isn’t nearly as good as Parasyte but it’s a pretty good story.
    Green is my favorite. :D

  8. Just finished reading it. Then, I read it again. Some of the characters are pretty interesting, not to mention the various sides of humanity portrayed. The time skips also make it fun to watch everyone mature for better or worse, and the monsters are hilariously original and SO CUTE!!! An American soldier died because he couldn’t shut up about how cute they were, and the others with him could’t so a thing about it! So, yeah, tangent aside, this series rocks, and I’m already a vegetarian. ^_^

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