Saijou no Meii


From the author of Yakitate!! Japan… and it really shows.

Briefest of Brief Summary

From Yakitate!! Japan, we had Solar Hands


Now, for Saijou no Meii, we have the Hands of God


x x x



Even though I like medical stuff, the series starts out poor since I’m doing constant comparisons with the author’s previous work. While my university’s anime society fondly nicknames Yakitate!! Japan as “Bread on Crack”, I would hate to have this be called “Surgery on Crack”. A bit unfair for the work since I’m basing this on only one chapter… but I really don’t see this becoming a favorite on my list. If my feelings change when more chapters come out, I’ll make an amended post.

In general, I think I’ll sate my hunger for medical manga with Team Medical Dragon, which is long overdue for another release.


2 Responses

  1. Pediatric cardiovascular surgeon… Unfortunately, the specialty is slowly going into extinction due to change of generation, other lucrative options, and cardiologists. While the skill of a surgeon is important, the skill of other staff and the quality of the overall system have some weight that can significantly influence the outcome.

  2. Well, the series is about surgery in general… which is a serious topic. I’m not sure the author, based on his previous work, would be able to pull off something good since Yakitate!! Japan is… really out there… in terms of what it’s about (making bread) and how crazy it got.

    Team Medical Dragon is one of the best medical manga I’ve read and it does focus on the staff as well as the doctor.

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