The successor of Mai-Hime?

Brief Summary

Kazuya Aoi enrolls into Genetics Academy, following the footsteps of his sister Kazuha. The school trains Pandoras (female warriors with special weapons/armors) and their male partners in an ongoing war against dimensional beings called “Novas”.


x x x


Though his sister died in battle, he’s still thinks of her as alive (proving how much of a siscon he is). As such, he mistook one student as his sister…


And glomped her… a complete stranger. The girl also happened to be known as the “Untouchable Queen”, well-known for her powers and “Ice Queen” personality.


Making her lose a battle, the two had an awkward start… to say the least.


But often times, they find themselves together, having to help each other fend off attacks by the Novas and from enemies within the Academy.


Everything about this feels of Mai-Hime but with a siscon touch to it. So it’s good… very good… but I’m still concerned about the fate of Kazuya’s sister, whether she’s really dead or if there’s a conspiracy going on. Then again, I might be looking too far into the future. The fanservice is on the same level as the Mai-Hime anime, reasonable levels despite clothes being torn from girls fighting each other.

Overall, with four chapters out so far, I’m very pleased by its development and decent artwork. Definitely above average.


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  2. Thanks for recommending this series, I love it! The art work and plot is top notch. It’s hilarious to know that ice queen lost because Aoi glomped her, what a way to lose! Also, ice queen seems to be a misunderstood character since she doesn’t behave like a cold hearted killer when there are rumors of her being evil out there. I guess there must be so undisclosed conspiracy upcoming.

    I prefer this to Mai-Hime though, I don’t like the “child” concept, so silly.

  3. Another bonus is how Bridgette El Satellizer looks kinda like Tomoyo from Clannad… at least with glasses on :)

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