Double Arts – Chapter 17

A happy ending… but just as planned.

Brief Summary

Arriving just in time, Kiri grasped Heine’s hand to keep her from death. With Farren’s words echoing in their minds, the two use the only method they could come up with.

x x x

With Elle treating the other Sister, she would take the Troy’s poison within herself. Usually, that would mean death since she’s already over the limit. However, since she keeps constant contact with Kiri, she inherits his immunity.

Of course, nobody knew whether or not that would work. Kiri threatened Elle with more bear patches if she ever did anything dangerous again.

Back with Heine, she thanks the two profusely for saving her life and giving her the chance to paint again.

Even the patient survived (Heine fell into seizures right after contact), surprised that the treatment was made it in time. Hearing a tale similar to hers, Heine apologized on behalf of Sisters being late and promised to treat her personally if she fell ill again.

Outside, they began saying their farewells. Heine decided to focus on painting but despite the lighter workload, she would live for another 2-3 years. Pronouncing the deadline to Kiri (no pressure at all), the three promised to meet again. As a parting gift, he gave Heine a monkey patch… which made the Sisters look at Kiri funny.

x x x

x x x

So Heine left… but not without making Elle blush with embarrassment. As she watched the two walk back to their inn, with her hands, she frames the image she plans to paint… a picture of Kiri and Elle walking hand in hand.

x x x


It seems that WP’s image server is back up. No more Photobucket-ing.

Ok, this wasn’t too surprising since I was writing about the treatment idea earlier. Despite how close my predictions turned out to be, I was pleased with the chapter. Kiri’s bear patch threats and Heine’s talk about marriage really made me chuckle. I missed the funny moments that were lacking in the previous releases.

Now what remains is persuading Farren to join the group on a more permanent basis… and the arrival of the Sister warriors, otherwise known as the Falzen.


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