Catching Up…

The one day I’m out of the loop… just happened to have a bunch of new releases.

What I’ve missed…

Blassreiter: Episode 15

Yume de Aetara: Chapter 92
Freezing: Chapter 4
Alive – The Final Evolution: Chapter 25
Double Arts: Chapter 17
The World That Only God Knows: Chapter 13
Inumimi: Chapter 14
Franken Fran: Chapter 14
Saijou no Meii: Chapter 1
Deadman Wonderland: Chapter 14
Biomeat – Nectar: Chapter 56
Change 123: Chapter 9
Lucu Lucu: Chapter 26

Bolded are my next targets for this blog, whether they be introductions for chapter reviews. Time to hunker down and start typing…

WP’s image server is down for the moment. Posts pending until service is restored.


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