Elfen Lied – Chapter 99

Almost 100 chapters…

Lucy and Kouta… confronting each other’s past, present, and future…

Briefest of Brief Summary

From deep hatred…

x x x

To a tearful farewell…

x x x

To a promise…

x x x

To a new hope…

x x x

To an understanding…

x x x

To a fate that might drive them apart…


Slowing down for the end… or so I think. Kouta and Lucy finally confront each other and they both did what they always wanted to do. For Lucy, she apologized. For Kouta, he found his sister and uncle’s killer and got the truth about why she was killed. It would have been a happy ending… if Chief Researcher Kurama didn’t show up with a gun pointed at Lucy’s head. Oh well, the series was never meant for a happy ending anyways.

What Kouta really misses… :p


5 Responses

  1. This is not the actual ending there are a few more chapters being scanulated (like 100, 101, 102, 103). I know the actual ending but i will not spoil it.

  2. I think the series is finished but as you said, the translation team is still working on it. I mentioned the ending in this post more of an ending for Chapter 99 rather than the whole series.

    Sorry for the confusion but thanks for not spoiling what happens next!

  3. lucy falls apart and with one of her hands she hands kouta a gun .. the last pic (:

  4. *not the last pic;

  5. Which volume was the very last one from? Because I know that image is NOT on chapter 99: https://kokuun.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/treatment.jpg

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