Code Breaker – Chapter 6

It gets better and better…

Brief Summary

From the last chapter, Oogami was killing the policemen that entered the building, burning them right in front of Sakura. Determined to save the last one, she put her body between them, blocking his way. However, her good intentions only got her into more trouble.

Like the typical bad guy, he just had to gloat, revealing why part of the police was working with the Yakuza’s drug business.

As for that police chief… he was outside in a car. Though acting professional, he’s actually doing something else…

Back inside, Sakura broke free of his grip, throwing the corrupted cop onto the ground. Holding onto her faith with the system, she preached to the officer who in turn vowed to turn himself in and confess his crimes…

x x x

However, it was all a trick…

Thinking that he killed Oogami, the officer was about to kill Sakura when a hand grabbed his head. One GAR statement later, another human torch.

x x x

Hearing something in the room behind her, the two investigate and found other drug victims, including the daughter of the man before.

Though saved, the girl wished to die since her life was ruined. About to grant her wish, only her weak confession while being choked stopped Oogami from finishing the job.

x x x

Seeing Oogami’s humane side, Sakura decided to preach again but reinforced her words with… hug therapy (I can’t describe it any other way).

x x x

Though receiving the message, he didn’t care and removed Sakura from the fight. With everything inside taken care of, there was only one thing left to do.

Shutting down everything around them, Oogami confronted the police chief and revealed his identity as a Code Breaker. Fear began to show on his face when the policeman realized that a rumor he heard was a truth. But there was nothing he could do to escape his fiery fate.

x x x


Not a shocking development as the “powerful allies” statement in the previous chapter already hinted at corruption. This also easily fixes Sakura’s would-be guilt it Oogami murdered pure police officers. Despite being predictable this time, I still enjoyed it. Now I have to ponder about how they were able to isolate the police chief at the very end, if it’s another person’s power or Oogami’s.

Sakura did show off some skill… but proved worthless overall. Taken hostage, unable to save anyone… Even Puppy was more useful than her, finding the some victims in a closed off room. No signs of improvement and I doubt she’ll help Oogami in any way… especially with hugs. I mean, seriously, if a murderer just killed someone in front of me, the chances of me hugging him/her would be the same as me successfully pulling off a (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆. In other words, never.


2 Responses

  1. As expected Sakura is still as useless as ever. The chapter should be named “Sneak Attacks” instead with so many trickery happening. First it was the fake cop crying out loud, next it was Oogami punching Sakura out of the blue. Lastly, it’s Oogami ambushing the boss in the police car.

    PS: I think Akumetsu is another manga where the character is like Oogami, murdering everyone whom he thinks is despicable. Also, the law cannot do anything about it since he got himself well covered. However, I drop it because it’s just slaughtering after slaughtering with little plot. Something like cleansing all the scums chapter after chapter but with little plot development.

  2. I don’t really like Akumetsu that much since… the protagonist fights against the police force as well as corrupt government officials… then blowing up his clone terrorist self at the end. His power is a bit too perfect. Lately though, there’s been some plot development but not enough for me to blog about it.

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