Another Blogging Lapse

As I delve deeper into the otaku-verse, I start sympathizing more and more…

While I do try to make daily blogs, it seems that tomorrow will prove impossible.

Actually, for the pic, I prefer the anime version… Haruhi is more eye-catchy than the Gundams…

Captured from a RAW so no subtitles…

Back on topic, I’ll be making 5-6 hour trip to wish happy birthday to my grandmother and in the very same day, travel back home. Waking up around 5 AM, arriving there around 11 AM, celebrating til 10 PM, arriving home around 4 AM. Hence, half of the day will be spent on the road and I’ll be a zombie by the time I get back. Though my brain has long been corrupted and will be compelled to stay updated anime/manga-wise, my functionality to blog will not be available until Sunday. Farewell until then.


3 Responses

  1. I await your return great one! We can then exchange more opinions and share more manga greatness together!!! ^_______^


  3. That is quite an intensive trip! Get enough rest :)

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