Some Site Tweaking

Outlined in red on the right sidebar…

Tried to fix some stuff, mostly with broken links and some catagory adjustments. Also, Kokuun now features… MUSIC!!!

With some help from Kitsune and reverse engineering from Traversy’s blog, I was able to install the widget… but it has problems.

List View (desired)

Mainly, I want the uploaded files to be displayed in a List View format but WordPress refuses to let me modify the code.

Icon View (current)

Every time I get the new HTML code and save it, the widget automatically reverts back to Icon View. Either is being evil with me or WordPress is… and I suspect the latter.

But the general outcome is… the availability of music on the blog, something that I couldn’t find a work-around until now. Though not perfect, I’m happy.


7 Responses

  1. Hi Kokuun –

    I am not sure you grabbed the whole URL, which is why the widget is having trouble (note the &v=1 at the end).

    Please let me know if you have any trouble, I’m happy to help.

  2. Still doesn’t work. Once I hit the “Save Widget” button, it reverts back to cl=0 without the &v=1 ending. Hence, I suspect a WordPress problem.

  3. Although you can’t make it a list, it is still fine :) I really like your selection of music :)

  4. Congratulations, now there’s music! Now we can exchange our preferences for music too. I like the current one, it’s cool. :)

  5. Haha, yay it works!

  6. So now it’s possible eh? I remember struggling to do the same back when I was with and tried so many methods only to realize it didn’t support standard java scripts.

  7. @Shin,
    The lack of flash embedding (especially for music) was tempting me to drop WP and move elsewhere… though that has now been amended.

    You can expect more Tenmon or other (what I think of as) “emotionally powerful” music to be uploaded… assuming that I can upload them.

    I was doing mental cartwheels once I found out that it does work :)

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