Hayate no Gotoku – Chapter 83

Isumi, the star of the chapter… and her ordeal with cats and skirts.

Brief Summary

As if to remind us of her unique traits, here’s a helpful page.

After hearing about the new kitten, Isumi wanted to meet Shiranui… but only after changing clothes. When questioned about her dress, Nagi’s friend answered shyly that she didn’t like skirts.

x x x

But, disaster strikes!

Rejected by the cat, Isumi cries her heart out… via calligraphy.

Determined to change, Isumi sought others for help but made the terrible mistake of going to Sakuya…

x x x

Getting more serious, Sakuya came up with the idea to change Isumi’s uniform… by fitting her with a skirt.

After enduring the embarassment, her new look was well-received. However, she soon realized that the guidance provided by Sakuya was worthless…

x x x

Not forgetting who put her through the shame, Isumi exacted revenge upon Sakuya. But in the end, she lost…


A MOE-filled Isumi chapter… and quite enjoyable. The cat didn’t turn evil though I’m sure it’ll start talking with Hayate soon… and Tama will reappear to stage a coup for Nagi’s bedside position, only to end up failing again. Overall, a relaxing filler that didn’t do much for the plot.

Do I spy, with my little eye, a Rurouni Kenshin parody?


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