Soon-to-be anime

Just another superpowered butler series… but with more class and a “he’s a demon” explanation.

Brief Summary

Summary? There can be no summary about this. There’s no substantial plot… yet.

x x x

x x x

And here’s the other characters. As you might have guessed, the other servants in the house are actually quite deficient in their duties, forcing Sebastian to take over and show his skills. Daunting at first, his demon heritage helps.


I’m not a “butler” fan (Kamen no Maid Guy doesn’t count since Kogarashi is a “maid guy”). Even with Hayate no Gouku, I didn’t like it. Did this change my feelings? Absolutely not. It was humorous at first, but I definitely gave it a lot more credit than its worth. The series would only be good for bishie-raving fans, which I’m not one of. If you are, have fun with this, especially when it’s already set to be animated.

The only good part is the clumsy glasses-wearing house maid, Maylene. However, it’s not about her and… Sad to say, I think Sebastian values the bond with his shouta master a bit too much. However, I will watch the anime whenever it comes out, mostly out of obligation for reading this rather than actually liking it.

Personal Note:
Ok, I admit it… I confess… I like maids…


One Response

  1. the manga gets better and although it is labeled Shonen, it attracts girls too ^^
    but the plot itself of the manga is so intricate and so smart! later chapters become more serious and kinda bloody…but you know, just saying! the manga is pretty good for me!

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