Jack Frost

For a first chapter, Jack Frost has one of the most… interesting developments ever.

Brief Summary

Junoa newly transfered to the Amityville High School and quickly realized… this wasn’t a normal school.

And… to makes things worse, not five minutes had passed before her life was turned (literally) upside-down.

x x x

What happened? An attack on her classroom that left almost everyone dead… and her head sliding along the ground like a hockey puck.

x x x

Which ended up like this.

There was a skirmish between Jack Frost and Hansen (the attacker) but it was brief, the winner clearly evident.

And, showing some pity for his opponent, Jack Frost did one last “service”.

x x x


While I’m not a big fan of the supernatural genre, this one has a nice twist to it. It reminds me a bit of Princess Ressurection (animated as Monster Princess) with the immortal part and all the beings (vampires, werewolves, etc). I forgot about the series until the latest release came to my attention.

Is it enjoyable? A little bit. Expect the typical plot when dealing with werewolves and vampires in some sort of school Battle Royale.


5 Responses

  1. Oh wow…. Flying heads and… other shots…..

  2. I was also shocked when I read the first few chapters some time back.

    Chapter 1 of Jack Frost is epic!

    The female lead dies in the very first chapter and we have a Hellsing look-a-like character appearing. I went omg that sucks, to die that quickly after transferring school is really bad luck.

  3. Yes, very epic indeed! But it seems that the series fell into a rut and slowed down with its pace… I can only hope that it’ll pick back up.

  4. this tottaly looks awsome!!!!!!!!

  5. I HATE Noh-a / Junoa… She is so too much of a forced comic relief. I just can’t stand those kinds of characters in general. She is like “wow my heads gone! WOW! I can see all my blood! Oh look, a donut on the ground! YUM!”
    I think the fight scenes are epic, though. and Jack is a beast :>

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