Clannad (manga) – Chapter 7

I wish I had a Nagisa in my life… T_T

Actually, a Tomoyo, Kyou, or Kotomi would also suffice.



Now as an official couple, a new problem develops… a blond-haired idiotic one.

If you’re familiar with the anime, what happens later is a bit similar… but different due to Tomoya and Nagisa’s closer relationship.

Nagisa’s cute reaction!!!

Eventually, they settle for Miyazawa’s charms… which summoned Kyou!

x x x

I rather take on Bahamut than Kyou…


Very enjoyable. The drama club sponsor issue wasn’t as drawn out as the anime, no epic basketball game that defies physics. It’s simple yet more realistic. And, more attention was given to Miyazawa, which was severely lacking in the animated version.

Hauuu~ Nagias is still cute!


2 Responses

  1. Well, I can actually read manga because the eyes are ok compared to anime :P

    “I rather take on Bahamut than Kyou”

    haha She does look scary.

  2. Gah! They should know better than to use Yukine’s spells!

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