Black Lagoon (manga) – The First Omake

Not smart…


Starting with Roberta…

And moving onto Rock’s bizarre school adventures…

x x x

x x x

x x x


Most of the characters kept to their personalities… except for Dutch. That was a real laugh seeing him barge into the classroom all worried about his flowers. As for Benny, it seems that he succumbed to the evils of 4chan.


3 Responses

  1. Is that a Kagami figurine in Benny’s room?

  2. Wahaha they have a very fitting homeroom teacher, I’m sure she’s able to keep them in check. (:

  3. @Shin
    Haha, you really know what to look out for :)
    But no, I don’t think it’s a Kagami figurine… pigtails are too far apart?

    And Dutch will keep the garden in check :)

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