Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 7

Because Yuzuki is EVIL!!!

The first major development in the series… and wow…

Brief Summary

After Nanami finished with her call, she returned back to the room and found Haruto working at his desk, instead of lying in bed to rest like he was supposed to. However, more importantly, she missed the kiss that Yuzuki stole.

Once Nanami left, Haruto questioned Yuzuki about her motives, why she gave him that kiss. Playing it off as a “get well” present, her response only made him mad.

Mad? That’s an understatement.

x x x

Yuzuki responded in kind by threatening to break all ties with him, saying that she won’t be in his way.

The next day, Haruto was still feverish so he had to stay home again. Yet, he couldn’t get any rest as he’s still thinking about what happened yesterday… but he felt some ease when his mother said that Yuzuki was given a ride to school by Takashi.

Later on, he gets a call from Takashi himself and learns that his mom was wrong. Yuzuki didn’t ride with his friend. She walked to school that morning and refused a ride coming back. That meant she was still on the way back home.

x x x

Being the good guy that he was, Haruto rushed to school, hoping to find Yuzuki before she fell into any danger. However, once reunited, her reaction wasn’t quite what he expected…

x x x

x x x


Wow… I was impressed by Haruto’s outburst. It was pretty inspiring, especially when I’m not a Yuzuki fan. Though far from proclaiming his love from Nanami, the rift between the two housemates seemed to get bigger. Then, there was the ending… with the waterworks. Knowing that Haruto is a good guy, they’ll probably make up and as much as it pains me to say, get closer together despite how things played out in the first half of this chapter.


4 Responses

  1. i dont like the long hair chick

  2. Neither do I…

    Welcome aboard the Nanami ship?

  3. Sorry, you guys. I really like Eba. She is like the mixed of Yui and Saki from Suzuka series which I really like that XD. I’m rooting for the main girl on this series because unlike Suzuka series where I was rooting for Haruka or Yui (who are not the main heroine).

  4. T.T y do u hate her… i don’t see her as evil as u can see from her expressions. Well i really don’t see how expressing her love = evil @@ she might’ve used the wrong approach though

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