The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 11

It went from crying Elsee… to this…

Brief Summary

The day started with Elsee trying to feed Keima a “fresh” bento… which was fresh enough to walk on its own.

Fed up by her odd choice of food, he told her off, saying that she has no special talents. Even worse, he claims that she can’t cook or clean, devastating words since she’s a cleansing demon.

In school, Elsee was still saddened by Keima’s words… until a classmate handed her a magazine with a strawberry cake recipe on it.

x x x

Skipping class but replacing her spot with a dummy, Elsee set off to the home economics room to cook. Reading the ingredients, she was glad she had all the supplies… even if they are the demon world’s version. But then… a tiny problem surfaced…

x x x

One of her eggs hatched into a mandrake… which was literally part-drake, part-plant. Running away, she bumped into Keima… and she told him to meet up with her later.

x x x

Finally finished, she was about to put the strawberries on it when an old “friend” came to visit. Seeing that other monsters hatched from their eggs, Elsee was pushed into a corner… trying to save the cake.

x x x

Much to her disappointment, she was forced to use force… which also destroyed most of her work.

Even though the cake was a mess, Keima still ate it… and took back his words from earlier…

x x x

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for… chu~

Well, it’s not a kiss but just a lick… but close enough :)


While I didn’t blog the previous chapter… since the ending of Kanon was very lackluster and dull, this did a 180 on me. The return of MOE-laden Elsee and it was well received. Though the chapter is really filler material, it serves to bolster Elsee’s role in all of this… rather than let her sit in the sidelines before cleaning up at the end (pun intended). Now their relationship is a bit closer and I’m sure Keima is thinking more about her now than before :)


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t read this as it had such an epic title and then I saw the subject material. It dissapointed me. You’d expect it to me something to do with the nature of human life or battles between gods and mankind itself. But its a romance. A ROMANCE. However, it looks funny, maybe I’ll check it out.

  2. The “God” it refers to is Keima who’s unbelievably good with dating sims. Hence, that’s why Elsee calls him a God since he’s able to extract demons from girls easily… by making them fall in love with her.

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