Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 6

Woe is me… and my Nanami-shipper self… T_T

Brief Summary

Still unclear on the translation for Takeshi/Takashi… I think I’ll stick with Takashi but don’t be surprised if I get it mixed up again.

The day starts out with Haruto making their lunch. Despite how dependent she is on him, Yuzuki continues to complain all the way to school.

x x x

Even in class, Haruto couldn’t find peace since Takashi got jealous of his hot springs trip with Nanami and Yuzuki.

His behavior caught Nanami’s attention, who first went to Yuzuki trying to find out the cause. Not getting an answer from Yuzuki, she waited til lunch to invite him. Despite her calls, Haruto didn’t hear since he was spaced out and…

x x x

He was sick, very sick.

Collapsing in class, he gets sent to the hospital before being discharged, ending back at home. Knowing that Yuzuki can’t ride a bike, he tried to get to his cell phone but two visitors surprised him.

x x x

With that problem solved, Haruto settled back to rest. But Yuzuki started complaining about the weird lunch he made, which set him off. Thankfully, Nanami was there to cool things down and start treating Haruto properly, trying to keep away from stressful topics. Yet, it was short-lived when Nanami’s brother called.

x x x

With just Yuzuki and Haruto left alone in the room, she took the opportunity to criticize him some more, driving him to get up and…

x x x

She took advantage of his position.

As if either in apology or admitting her defeat to Nanami…



First kiss is stolen!!! Gah!!! WHY?! Evil Yuzuki!

However, there may be one good news coming out of this development. Honoka Sakurai was also the first to kiss Yamato Akitsuki in Suzuka (author’s previous work). However, she wasn’t the winning girl at the end. If the series continues along this line… Nanami fans may have hope!

Now, which way will the series head? Nanami walking in on them? Haruto reconsidering his affections for Nanami? Yuzuki being more forceful with her approaches? I don’t know. Only the next chapter release could tell.


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  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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